GeoGebra and Mathematics: Investigating coordinates

The most basic mathematics students need to know to understand GeoGebra is the coordinate axes. Must you teach students how to plot points and interpret coordinates of points before they use GeoGebra or the other way around? I think, at the same time. Click here or in the figure below for a sample activity on how I think this can be done.  The lesson is about investigating coordinates of points on a Cartesian plane. Its objective is to teach how to use GeoGebra’ s point tool and interpret coordinates of points. This is just the first in the series of tasks.

Learning about coordinates of points

Of course, the teacher need to understand a little about GeoGebra first before giving this activity to his/her class. For a crash course click this link to go to my colleague’s blog who is making it his vocation to develop GeoGebra tutorials.

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