GeoGebra and Mathematics: Squares and Square Roots

This is the second in the series of posts about integrating the teaching of GeoGebra and  Mathematics in lower secondary school. The first post was about teaching the point tool and investigating coordinates of points in a Cartesian plane.

This post outlines a teaching sequence for introducing the concept of square roots in a GeoGebra environment. Of course you can do the same activity using grid papers, ruler and calculator. However, if the students have access to computers then I highly recommend that you use GeoGebra to do this. In my post GeoGebra and Mathematics, I argued that the more the students understand the mathematics behind GeoGebra, the more confident they could become in using this tool. The earlier the exposure to this environment, the better. The way to do this is to integrate the learning of the tool in learning mathematics. Click here to download this free software.

The figure below is the result of the final activity in my proposed teaching sequence for teaching square roots of numbers and some surds or irrational numbers. The GeoGebra tool that the students is expected to learn is the tool for constructing general polygons and regular polygons (the one in the middle of the toolbar).

Squares and Square Roots

The teaching sequence is composed of four activities. Read more of this post

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