Educational technology like GeoGebra can only facilitate understanding if the students themselves use it. This page contains a list of my post that describes activities and teaching sequence that I think might help to train students in using the GeoGebra tool while learning mathematics.


  1. Teaching with technology – why technological pedagogical content knowledge is a necessary condition for teaching mathematics effectively
  2. GeoGebra and Mathematics – includes introduction to GeoGebra
  3. GeoGebra, Calculators, and Mathematics – why teach with GeoGebra

Integrating learning of GeoGebra in the learning of mathematics:

  1. Investigating Coordinates of Points – learning the point tool and coordinates of points
  2. Squares and Square Roots –  polygon tools and surds.
  3. Adding radicals – regular polygon tool and text tool and geometric representation of sum of two radicals.

Other Applets used in teaching and learning

  1. Quadrilaterals – my post on problems involving quadrilaterals. I created an applet on how to construct a quadrilateral equal in area to a given quadrilateral.
  2. Making connections through math investigation – includes a GeoGebra applet on preserving area of triangles.
  3. Introducing the concept of function – includes a GeoGebra applet for identifying changing and unchanging quantities and determining the relationship between two varying quantities.

For step-by-step tutorials and sample applets go to Math and Multimedia blog.


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