Doing problem solving

I like these graphs which show how a mathematician and a typical student solve a problem. The first graphs were from the post “Some research discoveries”. The last one is mine, on teachers time-line graph in doing problem solving.



I have observed many math classes and here’s my  time-line graph of a typical teacher solving a non-standard problem in the class. When I was a young teacher I did the same thing.

I asked these teachers how they solved the problem  and how long it took. It actually resembles that of the mathematicians. For some reason when they show to the class how to solve the problem they present it like it’s magic, effortless.


4 Responses to Doing problem solving

  1. Nice post. I think I saw the first two diagrams in a book.

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  3. These graphs don’t show an important step of mine, which is to go away for a while. If I can solve a problem in one sitting, I don’t think of it as a difficult problem. I blogged about solving a non-standard problem here. I didn’t give amounts of time, but it looks like most of the time was spent exploring and analyzing, pretty much mixed together.

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