Conference on Assessing Learning

The conference is open to high school mathematics and science teachers, department heads and coordinators, supervisors, tertiary and graduate students and lecturers, researchers, and curriculum developers in science and mathematics.

Plenary Topics and Speakers

1. The Relationship between Classroom Tasks, Students’ Engagement, and Assessing Learning by Dr. Peter Sullivan

2. Assessment for Learning: Practice, Pupils and Preservice Teachers by Dr. Beverly Cooper

3. The Heart of Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Assessment and Problem Solving by Dr. Allan White

4. Assessing the Unassessable: Students’ and Teachers’ Understanding of Nature of Science by Dr. Fouad Abd Khalic

5. Lesson Study in Japan: How it Develops Critical Thinking Skills by Prof Takuya Baba

6. Classroom Assessment Affective and Cognitive Domains by Dr. Masami Isoda

7. Assessment cum Curriculum Innovations by Dr. Ma. Victoria Carpio-Bernido

8. Strategies for teaching Mathematics to classes with Diverse Interests and Achievement – Having Problems with Problem Solving? by Dr. Peter Sullivan

9. Assessing Learners’ Understandings of Nature of Science – The New Zealand Science Hub by Dr. Beverly Cooper.

Aside from parallel paper presentations and workshops, there will also be parallel case presentations by science and mathematics teachers involve in Collaborative Lesson Research and Development (CLRD) Project of UP NISMED. CLRD is the Philippine version of Lesson Study.

Click here for conference and registration details.


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